Why use me?

I believe it's time writers have control when they want help to shift their work up to another level.  More choice, more options and let’s make sure you are happy at every stage.  Plus let's make it affordable.

I am very conscious that artistic talent is a delicate plant and it is all too easy to crush a budding writer’s aspirations.  I have been on the receiving end and unable to write for months, so I do understand.  I will never be brutal, scathing or critical of another author’s work.

That said, a less than honest appraisal would be useless to you, so I will be honest.  I will be tough.  You deserve the truth.  But - and I stress this - my assessments are always both constructive and encouraging.

Lastly, I will never interfere with a writer's voice. That is unique to you, so I'm not going to tell you how to phrase something. But I'll tell you if it reads awkwardly so you can change it.

Please have a look at my success stories and see what my clients say.