Success stories

ANNE ALLEN - Guernsey Retreat, Finding Mother
"Liz has now been my editor to go-to for my last two novels and I've been both pleased and inspired by her insightful comments and reports.She has literally transformed the way I write and I can whole-heartedly recommend her services to any writer."
[I have now assessed six novels for Anne, who is a highly successful self-published writer.]

ANNA RAMSAY - Loving Dr Dan

"I couldn't resist having a quick look at your assessment report and it is far more thorough than I could have dared to hope for. Am very very impressed and grateful. Tomorrow I'll start working through all the points you are drawing attention to. Yes, I will get back to you if I need to make sure I've dealt with a tricky issue; it's good to know you offer that support."


"I am so pleased that I asked Liz Bailey to edit my debut novel. I am in the middle of making some of her suggested changes and I am delighted by the improvement. Her comments were insightful and clear. She gave praise where it was due and told me what wasn't working with clear and precise instructions to put it right. I was familiar with her books and knew she had expertise in the Georgian period I was covering. I was impressed that she could pick on a simple phrase and tell me I was out of period. It was lovely to be in such knowledgeable hands. She gave me such confidence - it was like having someone cheer me on from the side lines. I'm nearly there now and feeling excited that I will have a professional book to put on Amazon."

[Linda has now put out a second book, which I assessed for her. Her first book was published to excellent success.]

STEPHEN J WILLIS - Obsession, Wolf Dog, The Penny Farthing, The Figure in the Mist

"Liz is my literary guide! She has been a stable and professional person for whom I can turn to for help. I highly recommend her writing services and her workshops. She will share gems with everyone!"

[Stephen continues to go from strength to strength and occasionally still sends me material to check for him.]

FRANCIS RADICE - Escaping the Stranglers, short stories

"I would heartily recommend any course Elizabeth Bailey runs for writers,  both experienced and beginners. I was so impressed with her obvious experience and expertise that, at the end of the course, I asked her to to edit my novel, which she did for a very reasonable fee. Over the period of her editing, I learned a great deal and on her advice, corrected many faults in my novel, ‘Escaping the Stranglers,’ eliminating things such as pleonasm, point of view wandering, inconsistencies and unsuitability of sections. The book would not have been anything like as good as it is, without Liz."


"Liz always gave me sound advice and lots of encouragement. Thanks to her critiquing, my story now has better pace and characterization. She has definitely been very helpful!"


“All I can say at this stage is Wow! You're amazing! I feel really privileged that you've taken the time to give me such a detailed and positive assessment. Thank you so much. ....   Thank you once again for your extremely valuable advice. I hope to contact you again soon."    C.P.

“I am so grateful for all your words of encouragement and advice.  Your thoughts on the changes needed for HMB are exactly what I need at this stage.  When I read your advice about […], it all made perfect sense….   I would very much appreciate it if you could have a look at some of the later chapters when I have finished my editing…. Thanks so much again..."   K.B.

“Well they say objective feedback is priceless and this was...."   H.O.

 “.. thank you so much for your comprehensive notes. All of your comments, and I mean all, I have taken onboard and I am now busy with the re-writing …  Your notes were very helpful and constructive. As someone who is new to this 'letting others read or hear what I have written' I confess my self-belief is a little fragile but what you pointed out and more specifically how you told me where I went wrong was done in a very kind way. I am happy to say I am neither bruised nor offended…"   A.R.

“Thank you for the critique, it was thorough and helpful, professional and friendly, encouraging and wise.  I would not hesitate to use your services again and I have recommended you to fellow writers."  L.H.

“You've given me something to think about, so thank you. It is good to have someone distanced from yourself read your work….  Overall I'm pleased, both with your constructive comments and the depth of your critique, which I have found very helpful, and will recommend you to my group. Hopefully I'll be in touch again soon, to ask you to look at the sequel."   B.V.

"Wow, Liz, thank you for those extremely constructive comments. ...  This is incredibly useful, having such detailed feedback."  S.W.

“I just wanted to say thank you for the really encouraging and useful feedback for my story. I've been absorbing the information over the last couple of days."  F.A.

“More than happy with your advice. You have been really thorough so thank you. I whole heartedly agree with your comments and feel I can definitely improve it."  L.B.

“I must thank you for the assessment, it's given me real encouragement and, when I read the parts about structure and depth in the characters I could see exactly what you meant."  J.P.