I currently work mainly through email:

Assessment - I read through your manuscript and insert comments in red as I go.  I will then write up an email assessment and send your manuscript back with comments so you can see exactly what I'm talking about.  It is easy to follow and makes for a speedy service.

Mentoring - this may be simply to help you get the book written, discuss plot points, or to keep your confidence up. Although I will look at partials and advise as you go, I don't recommend working this way. It's much better to write the whole thing as first draft before getting it assessed, unless you are just checking out the first two or three chapters.

Other help - whatever you want, frankly. I've helped with outlines, synopses, looking for the right agent, or simply being available to boost confidence when needed.

If you are self-publishing and can't deal with the technical stuff, I have access to people who can help with that and cover design.

ALL my services include aftercare. I am always happy to help with odd bits of advice, answer questions or bat ideas back and forth by email. I don't charge for this unless you want me to reread something we've already looked at, and then I'll do you a deal.

I don't believe in charging an arm and a leg. Writers are generally short of cash, unless they have a day job. But everybody needs an editor, including me! That's why my fees are affordable.

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