My basic fee is £25, which is my hourly rate, but I will quote depending on what you want.

Tell me what you are having problems with, and together we will work out how I can best help you.  You may want a whole novel looked at, or the first few chapters to start with.  Or you might just want me to look at outlines for a story, your synopsis or covering letter.

I estimate either by time (if we are not looking at wordage) or charge per thousand words over and above the first couple of chapters.

Allow £2.50 to £3.00 per thousand words.

For this, you will get a detailed email critique, and your manuscript back with red notes in the text so you can see exactly what I'm talking about. Plus you are covered for aftercare, throwing ideas back and forth, further explanations and I'll read over individual sections at need.

Mentoring is £50 per month.

For this you will get unlimited access to advice by email, reading sections of text and general encouragement, feedback and keeping you going. A full assessment of the finished text will be charged at a reduced rate.